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Grow your hotel business in Singapore with the Hotel Minibar

Minibars are an excellent way for a hotel to generate additional revenue, and what hotel doesn’t want to make more money? However, it does necessitate additional work and time, which many small and mid-sized hotels may lack. You’ll need people to stock the mini bar, keep track of inventory, and report consumption to the front desk, among other things.


Because of these factors, many hotels are no longer providing minibars in their rooms. However, I believe that a mini bar is an excellent source of additional revenue for all hotels, particularly those without 24-hour room service. It’s just that hotels must consider how to outsource the service, implement a dependable system, and cater to their customers’ changing preferences. It’s time for hotels to get creative and come up with new ways to entice guests to use their mini bars.


Once the excitement about the products available in the mini bar has been created, more people will be drawn to it. Children are excellent examples; most kids will dash to their room’s mini bar to see what’s available. Having direct access to chips, chocolates, nuts, and other foods is their ideal scenario. For older guests, hotels must create the same level of excitement.

The hotel could outsource the mini bar to Malaysia as a first step. There are now companies that provide mini bar services to hotels all over the world. The system enables hotels to reduce staffing levels, shrinkage or losses, and front-desk disputes. Hotels have seen an average loss percentage of 2% instead of the 20% – 40% seen with simple manual minibars, thanks to the automatic billing system. The system also generates reports on which items need to be replaced in which rooms, saving the housekeeping staff a lot of time. They are not required to check the mini bar from room to room on a daily basis.

Hotels sometimes just need to think outside the box before abandoning certain concepts. Hotels can profit from the extra revenue generated by the mini bar and avoid the obstacles that impede it by providing interesting mini bar options and outsourcing their mini bar services.

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