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Greatest Hotel Minibar from Singapore

About Us

Leading Brand of Minibar in Singapore

Coolmate is a minibar brand under Veecom Corporation Pte Ltd that offers high-quality minibars that can help you avoid the trouble of a defective unit and the cost of replacement. Coolmate minibar for hotel visitors improves their convenience by allowing them to grab snacks right away, meaning that an in-room minibar can improve guest pleasure.

Our minibar is suitable for

  • Hotels strive to provide their visitors with the best possible room service.
  • Hotels seeking to increase in-room revenue through the sale of snacks and beverages.
  • Hotels are on the lookout for an attractive minibar to elevate the hotel room’s level.
  • Offices that wish to provide refreshments to their staffs
  • Homeowners who are constantly savouring fine wines in their private space

Discover the advantages of our mini fridge

  1. Power consumption <70W
  2. Low maintenance cost and easy to repair
  3. No compressor, heat pipe and fan-less design
  4. Non CFC
  5. No noise
  6. High safety performance
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